Consultations: I offer free phone or email consultations for anyone interested in a project!  If you would like to talk before you submit your job, simply send me a message through the contact link!

Payment Policy:  A deposit is required to begin ALL writing jobs over $100.  A deposit is considered 50% of what the total is for your writing job.  The remaining balance is due before the completed job is rendered to the client.  However, if your job is under $100, the FULL payment is due before services begin.  Deposits and all other payments are made directly through this site via PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay; if you don't have PayPal, upon booking the job, simply click 'checkout with credit/ debit card.'  I also can accept CashApp as an alternative to PayPal.  


No Refund: All payments are non-refundable.  Therefore, if a client changes their mind about a project before it's complete and after payment is made, that payment can ONLY be used as a credit towards a future job.  No refund will be given.


Turnaround Time: I ask for 3 days (a full 72 hours) to complete all jobs.  However, bigger jobs, such as business plans, grant proposals, and business proposals will need approximately a week to complete as the normal time window.


Rush Fee: An additional fee of $25 is assessed to all jobs that are needed before the 3-day window (or before the week window for larger jobs).


Unlimited Edits: This service strives to administer a project that a client loves the very first time.  However, I understand that the client may want something re-worded to their liking.  Therefore, I offer an UNLIMITED amount of edits on all projects until client is completely satisfied.



  • Business Plans- $650

  • Business Proposals- $225

  • Appeal Document - $200

         These are documents where you’ve been denied for, excluded from, dismissed from, or terminated from something and want me to write             a great document explaining the reasons why the respective institution/employer/organization should reconsider.

  • Resume-  $45

  • Cover Letter- $45

  • Resume and Cover Letter Combo Special: $85

  • Professional Letters:  $40

  • Personal Statements: $45

  • Website Biographies: $45

  • Academic Assistance:

        JEW offers assistance with editing academic assignments or giving clients who aren’t skilled writers an executed version of what their work          should look like upon completion.  However, I do not support or endorse plagiarism of any type; therefore, I urge you to look at my work for

        your project and determine how you can alter it into your own completed work to make it your own.  Unfortunately, I cannot give a   

        predetermined price on academic writing assignments due to needing to know if it calls for research, specific requirements that are set for          the assignment, and how many pages are needed.  Please send an inquiry through contact link.

  • Grant Proposal: proposals for organizations seeking funding. -- $550

  • Editing: Do you already have a completed written project, and only seek editing for strength and conciseness?  If so, visit the 'get started' tab to view prices.